Scholarships in University of London Goldsmiths, UK (2024)


Embarking on a journey of higher education often comes with financial considerations, but at Goldsmiths, University of London, opportunities abound to alleviate such concerns through a variety of scholarships. These scholarships not only recognize academic excellence but also support students in pursuing their passions and ambitions, regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

In this article, we’ll delve into the diverse range of scholarships available at Goldsmiths, highlighting their significance in fostering a culture of inclusivity and accessibility within the university community. Whether you’re an incoming undergraduate, a postgraduate student, or even an international applicant, there’s a scholarship tailored to help you fulfill your academic aspirations at Goldsmiths.

 As we explore the various scholarship programs offered by Goldsmiths, shedding light on the eligibility criteria, application processes, and the transformative impact these scholarships have had on the lives of students. Whether you’re seeking financial assistance or simply curious about the opportunities available, this guide aims to provide invaluable insights into the world of University of London Goldsmiths scholarships. Let’s unlock the doors to academic excellence and opportunity together.

University of London Overview

Scholarship type: Tuition-free (Fully-funded)

Host country: United Kingdom

Host University: Goldsmiths, University of London

Eligible country: All Countries

Scholarship worth: £8,825

Available number of Scholarship: Up to 4 ( two for undergraduate students, two for postgraduate)

Available course: All

Year of entry: 2024

The Scholarship program presented to us by the University of London, Goldsmiths is a fully funded scholarship that comes with a lot of packages embedded in it. Every successful applicant stands to receive an allowance of £8,825 a full-tuition fee waiver every year of study, and that is to say that students will not be allowed to pay any tuition fee throughout their study period in the university. This alone will make them focus on achieving success. This offer is available for both the undergraduate and postgraduate. It comes with an accomodation for a single study bedroom in Goldsmith hall of residence which worth up to  £200 per week

Eligibility Criteria

General Scholarship eligibility criteria and regulations

  • Applicants must have been presented with an offer to study in the Goldsmiths program and must have been accepted firmly through UCAS or mygoldsmiths. This should hold unless otherwise stated. Applicants going for the online degree programmes that run through the University of London are not eligible to apply
  • Applicants are mandated to submit their financial award application by the deadline indicated on the financial awards web page. Guarantee is not given that any application can be accepted after the deadline
  • Decisions on applications will be made based on the published criteria, all decisions are final
  • Award recipients will be selected based on a competitive basis where only a limited number of awards are available. An awarding panel will consider all applicants who meet the basic criteria for an award. The rewarding panel will give equal consideration to both the applicant’s academic record and the answers given by the applicants to the questions posed on the award application form. This will be so due to the fact that all panel members understand that applicants will have a wide range of differing attributes, skills, and experience.
  • All rights not to allocate all awards are reserved in the event that suitably qualified candidates are not identified.
  • Successful applicants are mandated to accept the award and agree to the general terms and conditions following the deadline stated in the offer (normally 10 days from the date of the offer) In a situation where the terms and conditions are not accepted, the offer may expire and a reserve candidate offered the financial award instead  

You must also meet the following criteria

  • If you have refugee status in the Uk, or you have an active application for an asylum in the UK ( Documentation to demonstrate your status will be required from you). All the supported documents should be uploaded to your MyGoldsmiths account
  • Must be holding an offer of study on the undergraduate or taught postgraduate degree at Goldsmiths
  • Your eligibility to study in the UK must be met. You must not have a condition prohibiting you from studying if you are on Immigration Bail.

It is important to note that any application from Ukrainian applicants seeking refuge in the UK under the special arrangement set by the Home Office will be considered for the scholarship by the university

Application Process

It is important you follow the application process below if you want success in the Goldsmiths international Response Scholarship:

Undergraduate Application:

For the Undergraduate applicants, they are to utilize UCAS ( Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) for their application submission. The UCAS form, should be completed, filling up your contact details, academic background, and a personal statement displaying your passion for the field you have chosen. Reference from a credible individual is to be incorporated. The application fee for the submission is applicable for the processing. If you desire to craft an impactful personal statement, refer to the university’s guidance.

For the Postgraduates

  • Apply directly via Goldsmith’s official website by selecting the “apply now” option accessible on the program page. Specific application procedures may be available for different programs. Your personalized statement is to be submitted explaining the strength of your candidacy. Work Samples may be required for certain programs. Early application is also advisable due to the popularity of certain courses.

Scholarship portal

Create MyGoldsmiths account to initiate the bursary and scholarship application process. Instructions will be available during the enrollment process.

Application for Accommodation

  • Separate applications for accommodation are to be submitted as soon as applications become available
  • Dean House, Loring Hall, and Ewan Henderson Court are accommodations you can prioritize.
  • Make sure to indicate your scholarship application in the NOTE section of your accommodation application for streamlined processing

Official Website: 

You can get more information about the scholarship from the official website: CLICK HERE

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